The Hunt

The Hunt

At Gator Quest we believe our hunters should enjoy a full day or night of hunting. You have the choice of a day or night hunt. Once you chose the hunt we will conduct a brief orientation and gear up for the hunt. Gator Quest is different from the typical gator guide service in that once a gator is killed, we don’t just end the hunt. If you select the gator you want early on in the hunt and make the kill, we continue to show you the area and let you enjoy air boating.  You are offered the same experience as a hunter that makes their kill at the end of the day or night.


Have some comfort in our Guarantee. With bow and arrow or fishing pole there is a no-kill policy. We guarantee shot opportunity with a rifle, but please study the anatomy of an alligator closely. Blood equals kills on these hunts.


The majority of hunts are bow hunting. However we offer rifle, snagging with a fishing pole, or hand line. The equipment is provided by Gator Quest, or you may use your own.

What to Wear

Generally the weather is warm, so you would want lightweight clothing, and camo for daytime hunts, and dark clothing for night hunts. If you are hunting in the winter months, expect the temperature to vary greatly, so be prepared with some heavier clothes and jackets. Rain gear and boots are advised.


Gator Quest is located just Southwest of Arcadia, Florida, and has in excess of 100,000 acres of private land leased to hunt alligators. We also have a limited number of public land hunts which are available from mid- August through October.


Our hunts are conducted day or night, mid-January through the end of December, providing excitement for the hunter all year long.